Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This past weekend I found myself at X Games 12 in Carson, California. This was my first experience at an event like this and I had a Blast! The truth is I had personal motivations for going. My friends Christy Nicolay and Pam Z were both going to be there working and I convinced them to model VINPIX for me. Designing tees based on my photography has always been a good time but it is made that much richer when I get to involve friends and family in photo shoots. My goal has always been to shoot beautiful people (inside and out) with interesting gigs. The girls did not disappoint.

Christy is a Producer in sports programming and I caught her at the end of a long day in the control booth.
Here she is wearing the Mickey Mouth short sleeve tee.

Pam and I spoke the day before and made plans to hook up at the event. When I got there I was unable to reach her but had this mellow feeling everything would work out. Sure enough I practically ran right into her. She was fresh from interviewing pro BMXers for her podcast The Core, www.thecoreradio.com.

See her below in the Poison short sleeve tee.

Thanks to Christy and Pamela for making my clothes look good.

Since we are on the subject of X Games, here are a few more images I snapped during the day.

Moto X Freestyle

Media Blitz

Wide Eyed Fan

Rally Car Air

BMX Freestyle



Chris Battle said...

That "Moto X Freestyle" pic is insane.... or as my skater pals would say sickey gnar-gnar.

Kristin Petrovich said...

Darn ggod pictures - makes me want to become an extreme sports fan!