Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good Times

The Los Angeles Times has been bery, bery good to us. My favorite person on the whole planet and biggest fan of my work (my wife) was profiled a few weeks ago in the Los Angeles Times Calendar section. Donna is a casting and voice director in animation and was approached because of her amazing work on Cartoon Network's hit animated TV show "Squirrel Boy". Since she casts and voice directs on the series The Times thought she would be a good profile in the "Working Hollywood" section. They were not wrong, she looks great and her interview is interesting and witty. Congrats Babe, you deserve it.

Here's the article, aint she cute?

To read the full article go to:,0,3543895.story?coll=cl-suncal

LA Times photographer shooting Donna in the studio as she directs the actors in the booth. Everett Peck, the creator of Squirrel Boy is just to her right.

What do I get out of it you might ask, well...
In the picture she just happens to be wearing the black short sleeve VINPIX Poison tee. This is the first time VINPIX appears in a major newspaper. Yes, It excites me.

OK, not to be upstaged but I have a LA Times story as well. Creatively, I'm like Cybil. I suffer from Artistic Multiple Personality Disorder (AMPD). Look it up. I have a line of clothes based on my photography, shoot pet portraits, shoot travel photos, yada, yada, yada. Back when the LA Times Magazine became West Magazine, my good friend Nancy heard on the radio that they were looking for local Los Angeles artists. By the end of the day I had images submitted to the editor and four weeks later had one of my photographs published in West. (Note to other artists, response time to opportunity is critical.)
Back in 2000 I started a fine art series based on antique motion picture equipment. My photographs feature the design and style of the great machines of Hollywood’s golden era. I’ve had good success with this series and getting published in West only added to that.

Here it is.

To read the blurb, go to:,1,4973038.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

To see more of this photo series go to:

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Chris Battle said...

Dang-- look at you, gettin' all media-savvy 'n' shit! That's rad.

Next up: Vinpix shirts worn by the cast of the O.C.!!