Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Doggie Bag

Speaking of pets. I took a shot of a french bulldog named Amber Louise some time ago and the owner asked if I could make a custom tote bag using the photo. Not one to simply print the photo on the bag I tried to create something a little more dynamic. Here is a peak at what I started out with and the final result.

Original photo of Amber Louise getting a good scratch.

I cut out the background, removed the hand on the rump and tweeked the color. I was inspired by the Juicy Couture logo and created Amber as a double image. The crown in the center I pulled from the tag on her collar. The background design was something I scanned from a magazine and knocked down the opacity. This was a blast to create and I ‘m still excited about it since I only just finished it yesterday.

Here it is finished, modeled by the beautiful Donna. I plan on printing a whole mess-o these things in different styles so stay tuned.

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