Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CU@USC Interview

Since some good things have developed lately with my fine art photo series, Tech Art I've been doing what I can to get the word out. This is my interview a few weeks ago on the college talk show, CU@USC. We talked about Tech Art on display at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery and at the Hugh Hefner Wing in the new USC Cinema Complex. The Blue Lynxx even got a mention. CLICK BELOW to see the full interview.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bright Soul

One of the things that stands out for me over the last few weeks of shooting was Evan Rachel Wood's shoes on the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" red carpet. Yes, her shoes. She definitely fits the category of more attractive in person than on screen but also that night she wore these high heels with sparkly glitter on the sole. I thought it was a unique design I had never seen before. When I asked her if I could see more of the bottom, she smiled at me and responded, "That's a first." See for yourself, what do you think?

Shiny bottoms

Ah, fame

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Blue Lynxx Photo Shoot, Part 1

Talented Actress/TV Personality/Model, Kikey Castillo collaborated with me on the creation of her action heroine alter ego, The Blue Lynxx. We produced a photo shoot that would have made Tyra proud. The day was made a success with the help of make-up artist Teddi Bergman, behind the scenes photography/videography by
Donna Grillo, production assistance by Melissa Diane. The custom leather vest was by designer Sterling Capricio.

Below are my two favorites:

I used strobing, two point lighting, Shot my Nikon D300 tethered in Lightroom so we could review the shots as they were happening. It all took place at dusk when the sky was darker but still had some light left exposing the power transformers in the background.

It was pretty much dark when when we got to this shot which made all the shadows almost go black, very dramatic. I love the way the light shows off her back and catches on the Katana

Below are some behind the scenes shots:

Teddi & Melissa working the hair, makeup and nails

Me prepping the camera, computer & lights

Donna, stand-in extraordinaire

You can also see the finished result on the home page of my
photo site, Vince Gonzales Photography. Look out for The Blue Lynxx Photo Shoot Part 2 which will include behind the scenes video.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Funny Men

At the start of the tv season some of the new shows kick off at the
The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. I covered some of cast members of the new show "Community" as they came out for press and fans to introduce upcoming episodes.

Joel McHale explaining to me that the show is "The Soup" not "Talk Soup" and it has been for years....

Chevy Chase feigns blindness

Donald Glover flashes a smile

Chevy Chase shows Joel McHale and Ken Jeong the comedic hierarchy

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Shot of Love

Check out my shot of Dr. Love featured on the home page of USC's Cinema site. Click ( HERE ) to see the whole article.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"11 Weeks" Movie Poster

A few months back I shot the movie poster for Dipesh Jain's award winning film 11 Weeks. We shot both hands, giving special attention to the marble in the middle which plays an important role in the film. On the same day we also shot Dipesh's publicity portrait. The final composite of the poster was done by talented layout artist Roberto Gomez.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heidi In The Hills

Last Thursday I shot Los Angeles Confidential magazine's annual pre-Emmy party, hosted by Heidi Klum and Niche Media CEO Jason Binn held at Jason's home (sick mansion) in Beverly Hills. I spent the evening following Jason as he did the meet and greet, making everyone feel welcome. Below are some of my favorite shots.

A very pregnant Heidi gives me some camera time

Debra Messing wowed them on the red carpet

I think Eve Marcille from America's Next Top Model is a Scorpio, just guessing

Jason Binn shows off his ride

Heidi and famed music producer David Foster

Ed Hardy creator Christian Audigier, his wife Ira and Jason Binn

Eastwick star, Jaimie Ray Newman

Kelly Cam and LA Ink's Aubry Fisher

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Bright Star" Red Carpet & After Party

Last Wednesday I shot the red carpet premiere of the film "Bright Star" at the Arclight Theatre here in Hollywood. After the screening an after party was hosted at the mansion of Liv Ballard in Beverly Hills. Click HERE to see my pictures of the arrivals. Click HERE to see my shots of the after party.

Holly Hunter out supporting her BFF, director Jane Campion

Actor Paul Schneider embraces the photogs

Strings class up any after party

Ben Whishaw who plays John Keats mingles with fellow party-goers

Bright Star director, Jane Campion chats with actress Mallika Sherawat

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Premiere & Party

Last night I shot the red carpet arrivals at the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season premiere party at Paramount Pictures. It may have been Larry David's big night but it was Evan Rachel Wood who made the big impression. Click (here) to see all my shots from the evening.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HD Expo's Color Camp 101

This past weekend I attended HD Expo's workshop, Color Camp 101 at LA Center Studios in Downtown LA. Instruction is provided to give a better understanding of color theory in the motion picture and television industry. So much information, my brain still hurts.

Special Thanks to: HD Expo, Andrew Balis, Nick Theodorakis,
Light Iron Digital, David Hollingsworth, Michael Cioni

Instructor, Andrew Balis discusses color temperature

Digital Imaging Engineer, Nick Theodorakis talks in-camera color correction on the Pansasonic P2 Camera shooting a DSC Labs Chroma DuMonde color chip chart

A field trip to Light Iron Digital post gave us chance to see a demo of the cutting edge color correction system, Pablo. Colorist, David Hollingsworth (red shirt) is at the controls

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Desert Rose

I shot stills last weekend for the Desert Rose restaurant here in Los Feliz. The pictures were ultimately used for their new website created by my friend Jaimie, a talented artist and web builder. I wanted to create images that had a flow and motion to them. It wasn't all work, Donna and I got a chance to enjoy dinner. We highly recommend it. Great food, relaxing outdoor courtyard, full bar. What's not to like? Below are a few of my favorite images from the evening. Check out the completed site HERE.

Signature glass sculpture

Chocolate lava goodness

Full wine bar

Service in motion

Dessert selections

Nate the bartender shares his latest creation

Monday, July 20, 2009

Adopt Me!

A few weeks ago I volunteered to photograph an LA City Animal Services pet adoption that also doubled as an art opening at the
G2 Gallery in Venice Beach. On display were photos, sculptures and paintings of dogs and cats which help inspire people to adopt. Here are a few highlights:

A volunteer holds a pup only minutes away from being adpted

Fuzzy kitten turns up the cute to snag a home

Bond Girl, Maud Adams shows off her adoption find

Pen puppies play it up

This pair beat the odds and found a home together

G2 Gallery Director, Jolene Hanson adops true love

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson Fans @ Staples Center

Two lucky ticket holders show off their official programs

Respect in Small, Medium or Large

As close as any regular fan could get

Saturday, July 04, 2009

New York City!

Last week Donna and I were in New Jersey celebrating her Grandfather's 90th birthday (great party) and also took some time to visit The City. I've spent very little time in New York so it gave me a chance to photograph the Big Apple as a tourist. See below for some of the highlights.

Phat & Happy in Washington Square

"Quiet down there!"

Ferraras, Mecca for cannoli lovers

Two "Guys" in Little Italy

NYU Graduate hails a cab

The big news, just 24 hours old


No respect for public property