Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Blue Lynxx Photo Shoot, Part 1

Talented Actress/TV Personality/Model, Kikey Castillo collaborated with me on the creation of her action heroine alter ego, The Blue Lynxx. We produced a photo shoot that would have made Tyra proud. The day was made a success with the help of make-up artist Teddi Bergman, behind the scenes photography/videography by
Donna Grillo, production assistance by Melissa Diane. The custom leather vest was by designer Sterling Capricio.

Below are my two favorites:

I used strobing, two point lighting, Shot my Nikon D300 tethered in Lightroom so we could review the shots as they were happening. It all took place at dusk when the sky was darker but still had some light left exposing the power transformers in the background.

It was pretty much dark when when we got to this shot which made all the shadows almost go black, very dramatic. I love the way the light shows off her back and catches on the Katana

Below are some behind the scenes shots:

Teddi & Melissa working the hair, makeup and nails

Me prepping the camera, computer & lights

Donna, stand-in extraordinaire

You can also see the finished result on the home page of my
photo site, Vince Gonzales Photography. Look out for The Blue Lynxx Photo Shoot Part 2 which will include behind the scenes video.

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