Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dirty 30 Birthday/Movie poster. Fore!

When mixing the idea of creating a movie poster style image for a 30th birthday party promo piece, you get Kiran Rouzie's Dirty 30 Birthday Poster.  I pitched the concept to Kiran of her in an evening gown, plowing through a birthday cake with a golf driver.  Below are the final results. We ultimately created a full size poster that went on display at the party and post cards for the tables.  Final composite by my hero Max Miceli.  Thanks to Julia Hapney for hair and makeup.  Production support by Anthony Bushman and Eric Robbins.  Special thanks to Lucy Marie for hanging out till the end of the shoot to help us finish the Moet and clean cake shrapnel off the ceiling.

The Dirty 30 Poster

The post-card

Kiran at the photoshoot enjoying herself too much

Sometimes you have to destroy a cake... 

... or two!

And then there was the clean up :(

The big day at The London in West Hollywood with my #1 Lady and the SC Mafia