Friday, November 30, 2007

Plastic Fantastic

A few months ago I shot stills for a Nip/Tuck segment that will appear Tuesday on FX. What you’ll see in the end is our two favorite plastic surgeons featured in a parody opening title fending off models and paparazzi on the red carpet. The talented director Paul Westergard created this piece at ka-chew! studios using the images I shot to create final animation with a paper cut-out feel.

The first two images are frames from the final segment. The last image is a sample of the raw shots I took in front of a green screen. This was an exciting project for me and the first time my work appeared on a popular network show. Check it out, the episode airs Tuesday December 4th, 10pm on the FX Channel.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Genius Horrendous

Congratulations to our good friend Gav who just launched his blog HORRENDOUS FIASCO. Not only is he an all around great guy, he's also a wicked talented artist and animator. Take a look and wish him well. Tell him Vince sent you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I got a great response from all the pictures I took at the Pup Casso shoot a few weeks back at Doggie Styles. Usually from these events I get drawn to one image of a dog that inspires me to create new art. In this particular case it was Wrinkles the pug. In the shot below you see Wrinkles on a bare floor with leash trailing out of frame and an earnest expression in his eyes. I wanted to take it a step forward, extend the leash out and play on all the negative space around him.

In the end Wrinkles looked more graphic and the leash almost makes him look like he’s tethered in space.

My final concept was to put this on a bag and make full use of the big square space on the tote. Let’s hope Wrinkles approves.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Santa Paws

Mike and Eva who own Doggie Styles hosted a “Pictures with Santa” day offering their customers an opportunity for their favorite pooch to take a snapshot with the big man in red. Overall everyone had a good time and I was able to capture some great memories for the pet owners. Just like when you photograph children with Santa, there was some crying, some snarling and a few accidents on the floor. The best part was by the end of the day we raised over $1000 for Jill Blackstone’s Thumping Tails Animal Rescue. Check out their website ( if you are looking to adopt, want to foster or even just give a little donation. They do amazing work.

Thanks again to Doggie Styles for putting this all together, all the volunteers at Thumping Tails for keeping everything moving along, Vaughn for enduring a day of dogs in a Santa suit and Donna for being my pillar.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Write On!

Donna dug in the Writer Strike trenches today joining her good friend Christopher Painter. The pair were a force to be reckoned with especially since
Donna was sporting the custom made “Write On” t-shirt.

The art was Inspired by Donna’s spirit of protest. I photographed the “W” from our old 1932 Underwood typewriter and letters are not a font but actual type from it.

Good luck writers!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Viva Realidad!

This week I shot publicity stills for VH1’s upcoming reality show “Viva Hollywood.” The idea is that contestants live in a house together and vie to become the next Telenovella star. On the day I shot, show hosts Maria Conchita Alonso and Carlos Ponce welcomed Daisey Fuentes as a guest judge. The three posed for me in great dramatic style.

Below, contestants keep their eye on the prize.

USC School of Cinematic Arts, 2008 Catalogue

The USC School of Cinematic Arts Spring Catalogue for 2008 features on the cover photographs I took from the Herb Farmer collection at the Moving Picture Archive. Included are three front lenses from antique motion picture cameras and a Super 8 film reel. The reel actually belongs to me and is part of my Grandfathers' collection of home movies. It's nice to see something so personal in print.

Thursday, November 01, 2007