Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tech Art on Display @ the School of Cinematic Arts open house

This past weekend USC's School of Cinematic Arts hosted an open house for donors and the press showing off their new state of the art media complex. Five prints from my Tech Art series were on display in the main lobby of the Hugh Hefner Wing as part of the event. It was exciting to have my work in front of all the guests that included Geroge Lucas, Steven Speilberg, Sean Penn, Tom Cruise... ok, ok, enough name dropping... but is was a thrill to display my work for the best of the film community. Thanks to Dean Daley for her support. Photos by Roberto Gomez.

Dean Daley and I with "Cinerama Camera No. 3" and "Goldberg Projection Reel" on the wall

Tech Art prints help dress the room

Mitchell Three Strip Camera

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Self Portrait No. 3

Inspired by the famous Salvador Dali photograph "Atomicus" I wanted to create a modern urban image with motion. This photograph is the last frame of the shoot before the sun went down and the best one, thanks to my trusty assistant "lightning trigger" Donna.

Smoked Ham

I had this concept of creating a portrait with a moody tone and brightly back-lit smoke. Since I had no models willing to light up a stale dry cigar, I volunteered. The result was more dramatic than I expected, click here to see more.