Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I shot my first movie poster!!! My bud David Freeman wrote, directed and starred in his gothic vampire movie "Folkhlore." I shot him in full armor posing from a scene in the script. Later he got with the talented layout artist Jaimie to finalize the official poster. The last image is of David proudly posing with his piece.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy 2008

Even though we are at the end of January, I wanted to wish everyone the best for 2008. Much to blog about so I thought I better get on it. At the beginning of the month we went away for D's birthday to Palm Desert for a few days. But before we did anything we kept to our yearly traditional ceremony of petting a goat and prank calling Carl Rove. It seems to always bring us luck.

Just kidding... Here you see Donna on the phone getting birthday wishes from our good friend Sue while visiting a petting zoo at the Living Desert Animal Park. Here are some more African animals enjoying the California desert climate.

Nicotine addicts give each other comfort.

Let sleeping hyenas lie.

Goat speak

Enjoying the view.

We finished up our trip with a refreshing hike into the desert.

Desert Queen.