Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tech Art as Media Room Art

Our good friend Mark Pogachefsky acquired three prints from my Tech Art series for his newly designed Media Room. David M. Plante Interior Design worked with Mark to create a classic and welcoming atmosphere for his new home. Last night I saw the prints on the wall for the first time and was excited to have my work be a part of their vision.

The Man. The Room.

Mustard Seed Cafe

As Tech Art is now on hiatus (Still in talks with AMPAS about taking the show to their NY gallery later this year) my mind starts to wander into other creative channels that have been haunting me. For example…

We have a favorite breakfast place in our hood called the Mustard Seed Café. Warm welcoming staff and excellent eats. One lazy Sunday while ordering, the waiter rattled off the choice of sides like he had been repeating them since he was five years old. When we asked him how many times he thought he offered “Green salad, potato salad or slaw” he just rolled his eyes, smiled and said it must have been a billion. It gave me the idea to create a t-shirt based on their sides. Now instead of verbalizing the choices, they can simply point to the shirt! See my version below of the official Mustard Seed Café t-shirt. This is taken from a picture I took one weekend, punched out the background and added color.

Check out the shirt sample on my Cafe Press page:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Original American Idol

Soon after I won the first American Idol I posed for a picture with judge, Paula Abdul. Well... not really. Back in the 90's I was working at MTV for a live show called "Rockline". Paula was one of the guests and after the broadcast my good friend Jim Smith snapped a picture of us.

Our hair competing for the camera.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dr. Clint Eastwood

Yesterday I was hired to cover the Deans' Luncheon at USCs' School of Cinematic Arts. I took the usual pictures as guests and graduates enjoyed good food and company. Clint Eastwood was in attendance as he was to be awarded an honorary doctor of humane letters degree at the graduation ceremony later that day. My favorite picture I took of the event is Dean Daley, Mr. Eastwood and Dina Eastwood sitting at the back of a golf cart as they made their way to the commencement ceremony.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Griffith Park Fire, Wednesday

The fire crews and helicopters worked all night fighting the flames. This morning, this was our view. As of this posting it looks like they finally got it pushed back.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Griffith Park Fire, Tuesday

The view from our apartment is usually of the historic Griffith Park Observatory. Tonight was a different view with flames threatening to reach the newly restored structure. As the sun went down the sky turned bright orange with the fire reaching the crest of the hillside. Here are a few shots taken walking distance from our home.

The view as I walked to a dead end, north of Los Feliz Blvd.

Resident coming home to fire just over the hill.

Fire chopper racing to the scene.