Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mustard Seed Cafe

As Tech Art is now on hiatus (Still in talks with AMPAS about taking the show to their NY gallery later this year) my mind starts to wander into other creative channels that have been haunting me. For example…

We have a favorite breakfast place in our hood called the Mustard Seed Café. Warm welcoming staff and excellent eats. One lazy Sunday while ordering, the waiter rattled off the choice of sides like he had been repeating them since he was five years old. When we asked him how many times he thought he offered “Green salad, potato salad or slaw” he just rolled his eyes, smiled and said it must have been a billion. It gave me the idea to create a t-shirt based on their sides. Now instead of verbalizing the choices, they can simply point to the shirt! See my version below of the official Mustard Seed Café t-shirt. This is taken from a picture I took one weekend, punched out the background and added color.

Check out the shirt sample on my Cafe Press page:

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