Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HD Expo's Color Camp 101

This past weekend I attended HD Expo's workshop, Color Camp 101 at LA Center Studios in Downtown LA. Instruction is provided to give a better understanding of color theory in the motion picture and television industry. So much information, my brain still hurts.

Special Thanks to: HD Expo, Andrew Balis, Nick Theodorakis,
Light Iron Digital, David Hollingsworth, Michael Cioni

Instructor, Andrew Balis discusses color temperature

Digital Imaging Engineer, Nick Theodorakis talks in-camera color correction on the Pansasonic P2 Camera shooting a DSC Labs Chroma DuMonde color chip chart

A field trip to Light Iron Digital post gave us chance to see a demo of the cutting edge color correction system, Pablo. Colorist, David Hollingsworth (red shirt) is at the controls

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