Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gene Therapy

This week I photographed Gene Simmons at his book signing for "Ladies of The Night" at Borders in Westwood. I have to say that Mr. Simmons was very gracious to his fans who paid over $40 for his book and waited in line for hours. He stayed until the line was gone and was very interactive with the crowd. Good rock star! Here's a few shots from the evening. To see everything
I shot for Film Magic, click here.

Mr. PR

A fan gets a private viewing of the famous tongue

A "committed" Kiss fan shows off his ink.

Will the real Gene step forward

He signed my boob!!!

The youngest of the Kiss Army gets amped up



Tammie Lee said...

You captured that event so well. In looking at your pics I feel like I was there. Great shots!


Anonymous said...

Vince - thanks for the great pictures! I owe you for capturing that magical "tongue moment" with Gene and me. You rock !