Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HBO Emmy Party 2012

Shot the HBO Emmy party Sunday night at The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.  It was hot, crazy crowded and totally fun.  Here's a few shots:

John Leguizamo

Boardwalk Empire's Michael Stuhlbarg

Julianna Marguiles cracks up with Ricky Gervais

Peter Fonda

Keith Urban still can't figure out why pretty girls laugh at everything he says

Nicole Kidman sharing... (insert whatever Tom Cruise joke you like) 

Jane Fonda and Ricky Gervais get animated

Jane Fonda and Michael J. Fox

Ricky gets schooled by the master, Mel Brooks and comedy writer Steve Haberman

Bill Maher shares political wisdom with fashinista Chloe Sevigny and indy film queen Natasha Lyonne

Mel Brooks, friend and Dick Cavett

Julianne Moore and Top Chef, Tom Colicchio

Emmanuelle Chriqui and camera ready friends

Girl, Alison Williams

Clive Owen

Jeff Garlin not ready for prime time according to his date

Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet

From Veep, Anna Chlumsky

Kerry Washington

DJ pov

James Gandolfini and Julia Louis Dryfus

Olivia Munn

Jerry Ferrara and Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Project Runway's Anya Ayoung-Chee

Apparently winning a Emmy makes you hi-larious

Van Der Beek as Van Der Beek

Aaron Paul tries not to look nervous hanging with his biggest fan

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