Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pushing Plywood

Shot the pro skateboarding competition, Street League in Ontario on Saturday.  Special thanks to Christy Nicolay and the Juxtaproductions team for letting me have run of the place.

Some anti-gravity during warm up

Event announcers Nelson Wormstead and Andrew Cannon keep it moving

Mikey Taylor channels The Fonz

The National Anthem sung by Major Derric Prescott

Live event host, Jackie Montgomery interviews pro skater David Gonzalez as the crowd watches live on the jumbo screen

Billy Markes entertains the Monster Energy's Dime Squad Girls

CEO of California Skateparks, Joe Ciaglia with Jackie Montgomery

Executive Producer Christy Nicolay making it all happen with a smile

Street League winner Nyjah Huston gets a trophy and respect from MTV's Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia.  Monster Girls on hand to present his 150K prize money.  What???

David Gonzalez going to the light

Tommy Sandoval showing us what a Viking boarder would look like

Ryan Sheckler living the Skate Life

Monster Girls, Danielle Ruiz, Jennifer Bock, Brooklyn Clark and Gemma Lee Farrell show me the money

Chevrolet Overdrive competition winner, Tom Asta enjoys his win and crowd support with Rob Dyrdek

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