Saturday, March 31, 2012


How about a non Tech Art blog entry?  Been loving shooting with Janet Howard and Kim Barbieri at the Martini Factory.  Our latest assignment was to shoot the look-book for designer, Karen Klein at her spacious showroom in Downtown L.A.  Since the purpose of these shoots is to make sure the clothes are clearly sampled in the catalogue for potential buyers, we use a neutral gray background to highlight
the designs.  Model Brandy Nicole looked 12ft tall in heels and did an amazing job showing off the garments.

As the day goes on I look for small windows in the poses and compositions to do something a little different.

Brandy was a good sport and we began a series of goofy poses with the slates just to keep it loose.  I think I'll make them my next coffee table book.

After the look-book end of it was done, I took some shots of Karen with only natural light taking advantage of the view.

Make-up artist Elvis Zavaleta is generally a shy person with a low-key style but I finally coaxed him out of his shell for a picture.

Wrap picture!

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