Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Singing Moon Movie Poster

I had another great opportunity to create a new film poster for director, Chiyume Sugawara's film Singing Moon. The process of collaborating with Chiyume on her project was totally rewarding and fun.  Once again, Max Miceli took the design concept above and beyond all our expectations. See the final result below. Special thanks to Narcisse Chico for hair and makeup and all the actors, Kristin Ford, Ryan Caldwell, Jesse Woodrow and Ary Katz for participating.  Congratulations to Chiyume and the Singing Moon crew and the Four Films That Will Move You group for a great premiere screening at L.A. Live's Regal Cinemas.

The finished product

In the beginning... the concept starts with me pitching an idea to Chiyume along with a badly drawn layout on a white board.

Once the concept is locked it's time to put together a photo shoot.  Here on set- Chico is adding last minute touch-ups while Chiyume is taking some behind the scene shots.

This is the reverse at the same time with me shooting the previous image

Jesse waiting patiently as I yammer on

Shooting with Ryan

Always room for high-jinx

Wrap photo with me, Chiyume, Kristin and Chico

Premiere night!  Chiyume and I with the printed poster in the lobby at the Regal Cinemas before the Four Films That Will Move You screening

(left) In the lobby (right) with Ary and Kristin at the second poster display after the screening

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