Friday, July 06, 2007

The Buzz on Greg.

I was hired as the official photographer on the big budget remake of popular 70’s sitcom ,“Sanford & Son” for Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks Entertainment here in Hollywood. Security is unusually tight and the Studio is releasing no clips or information from the set (I'm leaking this one). Details from the locations are impossible to get but the rumor emerging is the performance of Greg Chostner who co-stars opposite Anthony Hopkins. Chostner, a virtual unknown, has everyone talking Oscar despite the fact that no one outside the studio walls has seen the dailes. An unknown source that spoke exclusively to said that Chostner and Hopkins are crafting the modern American father/son relationship for our time making the Hollywood freshman the new must have actor. Fans and insiders alike are looking forward to the debut of new golden boy but it looks like they’ll have to wait until the premiere.

No "Big Dummy."

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