Sunday, April 22, 2007

Smells Good

Creatively, Ive been pretty lucky in the last few years. My work has been exhibited, there was an article published about me and I even had a television interview. But a letter I received yesterday has just eclipsed all that.

A few years back our good friends Liessa and Chris were kind enough to let me photograph their kids wearing VINPIX. To this day the shot of Emerson in the VINPIX hat and shirt is a crowd pleaser, and of course Hannah is a natural and glows in the pictures.

The experience must have made an impression on my young models.
The three kids co-wrote a letter requesting my services again. I know they must be serious, they all signed it!!!

I think if the Queen of England herself called apon me, it would not come close to how special the kids' request is. So to Tess, Hannah and Emerson… It smells good to me too! I look forward to seeing you. Thanks for thinking of me.

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Liessa said...

THe kids just saw this and cannot BELIEVE they are on the WWW!
Tess is sure that she is finally famous and Hannah is practicing her smile and show poses for their May shoot! We may lose a few more teeth between now and then - but they cannot wait!

You are AWESOME!!!