Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tech Art Opening Night Reception

Thanks to everyone who came out in support of the Tech Art reception. It was a great turnout and I really enjoyed hooking up with friends and meeting new people. The Science and Technology Council put on a great evening in a welcoming atmosphere. Thanks again to Andy Maltz, Julio Vera, Maryrose McMahon, Rebakah Parr, Alex Yust, Brett Davidson and everyone else behind the scenes at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who made the evening very enjoyable.

Here's a few shots:

Me with my lovely wife Donna

Christopher Painter, Kristin Lazarian and Richard Horvitz

John Bryant, Heather Welch and I break out into song

Hanging out with Alan Heim

Television Goddesses, Nancy Sullivan and Kathleen Noone

Gav Gnatovich, Hallie Gnatovich and Steve Berman

Peggy Jo Jacobs, Me, Dan Cortese, Nicole and Richie D'Ovidio

The Boyajian Girls, Barbara and Sue

Nina McMullen and I enjoy a corner

Frank Weiss says: Fogetaboutit!

My Big Sis Marla, Cecelia my niece and Hollywood gossip columnist and style maven Greg Chostner

Little Costia, Chris Battle, Mike Myles and Nile El Wardani

And finally, I ain't saying she's a gold digger but...Donna fantasizes about another man named Oscar


Anonymous said...

Looks Good

Vince Gonzales said...

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Tech Art Show!

Anonymous said...

What a great party!!!

Chris Battle said...

The show was awesome! The catalogue made for a nice souvenir, too. Congrats, buddy-- you deserve it!