Friday, October 13, 2006

Bears and Roses

I’m not a big fan of the multiple production companies discovering our quiet neighborhood and deciding it’s the perfect place to shoot their movie or commercial. I am however a big fan of the absurd!

Don’t get me wrong; I totally support film production staying in Hollywood as opposed to being bussed out to the great white north (Canada, for those who didn’t see “Strange Brew”). But when those crews show up three times a year with multiple trucks, generators and staff with walkies, robbing us of our precious parking spots… it gets a little annoying. It doesn’t help that some twenty something craft service kid with a tattoo and a headset walks with an attitude that being involved in the “business” is as important as curing cancer.

I had to smile though when I saw a crew a few weeks ago late in the day shooting a dumptruck unloading teddy bears and roses into an open convertible. No lie! If I didn’t have the picture to prove my story I probably would not have mentioned it for fear of being locked up. I hope you enjoy the humor in this image as much as I do.


Chris Battle said...

That's pretty cool! Nice one.

You still might get locked up anyways, though.

Jesper said...

That is pretty hilarious I especially like how the lade walking her dog is pretending not to notice it all!!